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Table of Contents

Post by Gigi » Thu 09 Aug 2018 9:46 am

These written FAQs are similar to the Essay Writer videos, with additional descriptions of button icons, placement, etc.


Create your Table of Contents

Right-click anywhere around your Idea Map.

Hover over 'New' and left-click 'Table of Contents'.

Since it's a central idea on its own, there's nothing supplied to it yet.

We need to connect it to the main map first.

It's just like connecting any other idea you've added so far.

The Number and ID relate to your map's Central Idea.

Its sections are listed in clockwise order by default.

The column 'Number of words per section' lists down to the first layer only, at first.

You can change how detailed you want your word-count per section, in the settings.

The column 'Percentage of words' shows you how much each section makes up of the total word count.

This is important for keeping introductions and conclusions shorter than your main body.

To see how your table will look on a printed page: go to File, then Print Preview.

To customise your table: go to Edit, then Document Settings, and select Table of Contents.

You could have the Table of Contents appear within itself, or uncheck 'Drop trailing dot in label' numbers.

You may 'Indent each level', too. Check your print preview afterwards to see how it looks now.

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