Change your Map Layout

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Change your Map Layout

Post by Gigi » Thu 09 Aug 2018 9:46 am

These written FAQs are similar to the Essay Writer videos, with additional descriptions of button icons, placement, etc.


Change your Map Layout

'Star layout' is the default for new documents.

The other options are: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Left-to-Right, and Right-to-Left.

How each layout appears will depend on your Idea title length.

Which clipart or images of your own are used as Idea icons also affects layout appearance.

These options all present your work in different ways.

Start with short Idea titles, and keep default spheres for the Idea shapes.

Right-click the idea whose branch layouts you want to change.

Hover over 'Layout' for the list of radial and linear layouts.

With your Map laid out in Top-Down, it orders Ideas from left to right.

Your Ideas can be over or under the Central Idea without changing structure.

For example: to change chapter order, move one chapter to the side of another.

Bottom-Up is the same in reverse, still ordering lower branches by left-right position.

When your Map is in Left-to-Right, its lower Ideas are ordered from the top, working down.

Your Ideas can be to either side of your Central Idea without affecting overall structure.

Changing chapter order means moving one chapter over or under another.

Right-to-Left works the same way, and pulls all leaf Ideas to the left.

'Auto-Arrange' in Star layout spreads Ideas out, to add space for new Ideas and see links easily.

In horizontal or vertical layouts, 'Auto-Arrange' instead pulls things in, to present your Ideas in a compact way.

This can be more useful in printing Maps for progress meetings.

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