Branching Ideas

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Branching Ideas

Post by Gigi » Thu 09 Aug 2018 9:52 am

These written FAQs are similar to the Essay Writer videos, with additional descriptions of button icons, placement, etc.


How to Collapse and Expand Branches

Branch Ideas hold leaf Ideas.

To collapse a branch, click the 'Collapse Branch' icon at the top-right.

Or right-click the last idea you want to be shown, and click 'Collapse Branch'.

This hides its chain of ideas, and shows all other Ideas, including the selected one.

A marker will change at the top right of your selected idea, to indicate that it has hidden branches.

To expand them, click the 'Expand Branch' icon at the top-right.

Or right-click again and click 'Expand Branch'.

Another option in the drop-down menu is to 'Show this Branch only'.

Click it to show only that chain of ideas up to the Central Idea, without any other sections.

Use this when you want to focus on one section at a time.

You may notice that the marker change again, this time on our Central Idea.

It has hidden branches, and these can be shown by expanding them.

Click 'Expand Branches' again to return all sections to the way they were.

Finally, the last trick we're going to learn is how show only the next or previous branch.

This applies to Ideas at the same level (like central, chapter, section, sub-section, etc.)

Right-click an Idea and select either 'Show next Branch only' or 'Show previous Branch only'.

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