Images: Captions, Lists, Ref Info, Citations

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Images: Captions, Lists, Ref Info, Citations

Post by Gigi » Tue 21 Aug 2018 11:23 am

These written FAQs are similar to the Essay Writer videos, with additional descriptions of button icons, placement, etc.

See our similar Tables post on how to insert and list numerical data.

This two-part post explains how to:
  1. Add Images, then Caption and List them
  2. Add Reference Information to images and captions;
    as well as Citations, Image Ideas, and Image List Ideas



Images 1: Add Images, Captions, and Image Lists

Documents are usually text data: in your own words, often discussing other people's words.

Your work can also include images and tables.

This part will go through how to Add Images, then Caption and List them.

1. Pull in Images.
  • Drag saved images from your computer into your text.
  • You can also drag in direct image hyperlinks from web pages.
  • Sometimes you may instead copy-and-paste the image, or its URL.
Click 'Yes' to save the image as a separate Image Idea.

This will create and link the image to that text section on your Map.

Now you may move the Image Idea like any text Idea.

Click the 'Caption' field; Enter a clear description.

2. Check your Print Preview.

Press the 'Preview' button to check how your document would print it.

By default, the caption will include full reference information.

Add this and change caption display settings in the next part.

3. List your Images.

To create your Image List Idea:

Right-click and select 'New', then 'List of Images'.

If you include images, then usually you must include a list of them.

Link this to the same Idea Map to display correct results.

Press 'Preview' again for the document's image, caption, and list.


Images 2: Add Reference Details, Adjust Citations, and About Image Ideas

This part explains Citations, Image Ideas, and Image List Ideas.

It also shows how to Add Reference Information to images and captions.

Check you have permission to use others' media in your work.

1. Adding Image References.

Open an Image Idea on the Map, and then its 'References' tab.

Add reference information for your readers to find the media themselves.

This is usually about where the image was obtained, but may be about the media itself.

An image may be from a book, article, website, or other reference type.

(See our 'Referencing' series for more information. Forum posts, YouTube, or Vimeo.)

2. Image Citations.

Click in the text where you want to insert a citation to the image.

Press the 'Add Ref.' button for the 'Reference Selection' dialog box.

Open the 'Images' tab, and double-click the image to refer to.

This inserts a citation to the image in the spot you have selected.

Press 'Preview' for how the in-text citation will be displayed.

To change this, you must change the Image Reference settings.

Find these in 'Edit', 'Document Settings...' and 'Image Refs'.

3. About Image and List Ideas.

The Idea's icon displays the image.

An Image Idea is displayed behind the Text Idea it branches off of.

You cannot link two Image Ideas together.

However, you may link multiple Image Ideas to one Text Idea.

The Image List Idea is like a Reference List, for graphical media.

Lists include details for Image Ideas with reference information -- only listing results about Image Ideas linked to the same Idea Map.

Thank you for your time!

Let us know how you find working with images.

We're always happy to learn about your success.

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