Maps 1 - Basic Controls

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Maps 1 - Basic Controls

Post by Gigi » Wed 12 Sep 2018 9:30 am

These written FAQs are similar to the Essay Writer videos, with additional descriptions of button icons, placement, etc.

This series will explore how to use the Map. Your Map stores your Ideas, and is where you connect them into an outline.

It's important to get comfortable moving around and editing your Idea Map, to connect your ideas more efficiently.

This post introduces basic controls, explaining how to:
  1. Move the camera view, then zoom and reset it.
  2. Cover context menus for toolbars and map objects.
  3. Give selection options and shortcuts

Maps 1 - Basic Controls

1. Pan and Zoom the Camera.

Drag the scroll bars or press your arrow keys to move the camera.

Using your mouse wheel over the Map Panel will cycle through the linked Ideas.

This cycling will reset if you deselect the current Idea.

You can scroll your mouse wheel over a scroll bar to pan the view!

Use the zoom buttons or drop-down menu to find your preferred zoom amount.

2. Your Context Menus.

Right-click around your map to view available commands, depending on what you click.

Different areas include the Idea, Links, or Map itself, and branched Ideas.

The menus at the top of the window also vary in Map View.

The top menu bar and closest row of command buttons work the same way.

Right-click any of the top 3 menus to change which commands to display.

3. Selecting an Area.

Click and hold to select an area, as usual. Release to confirm the selection.

Hold the 'Control' key and click objects to include or exclude them.

You can also right-click Map objects for additional selection options.

This can relate to Links, branches, Idea level, types, and statuses.

Thank you for watching! Let us know how you find working with the Map.

We're always happy to learn about your success.

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