Referencing 4 - Change Reference Style

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Referencing 4 - Change Reference Style

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These written FAQs are similar to the Essay Writer videos, with additional descriptions of button icons, placement, etc.

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Referencing 4 - Change Reference Style

See the previous post on how to add journal and news articles:

(For students: Details will vary between institutions, and even departments!)

A Reference Style

Use only one reference style in a given paper.

Reference style is the combination of:
  1. list order,
  2. in-text citations,
  3. text formatting, and
  4. contents of a reference list.

Two styles that the programs have in-built are Indexed and Harvard.

To switch from one to the other: go to 'Edit', then 'Document Settings...'

Click the 'Bibliography' tab, and open the 'Reference Style' drop-down menu.

Select your preferred or required option.

You can choose to sort authors' names alphabetically within each reference.

Default Program Styles

In Indexed, or (Numbered), in-text citations are shorter, and the reference list is ordered by first use.

In-text citations will be number from 1 to your total number of cited source materials.

These numbers carry over to your reference list, updating with changing order of appearance.

Harvard, or (Author, Date) presents more cited information, and alphabetical reference list by family name.

In-text citations may require the surname, then first initial -- or only the last name.

First citations of a source may require all authors listed up to five people, then 'et al.'

Let us know how you find referencing.

We're always happy to learn about your success.

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