Referencing 6 - Import from Databases: PubMed, EndNote, and Zotero

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Referencing 6 - Import from Databases: PubMed, EndNote, and Zotero

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These written FAQs are similar to the Essay Writer videos, with additional descriptions of button icons, placement, etc.

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Referencing 6 - Import from Databases

See the previous post on quoting and paraphrasing: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=25

This two-part post on importing from databases will cover PubMed, EndNote, and Zotero.

Referencing 6a - PubMed and EndNote

6a on YouTube:
6a on Vimeo:

Make your Reference List.

This post assumes you've already created your external list of source materials.

The software can interpret .xml, .enw, and .ris file formats.


Navigate to your collection, from the link 'My NCBI'.

Click the 'Send to' button, then 'File'.

Format the file as 'XML', and sort as you need them.

Press 'Create file', name it memorably, and save to an accessible location.


Navigate to 'Format', then 'Export References'.

Select the reference list to export, then choose either 'EndNote' or 'RefMan' style.

These options create .enw and .ris files.

Depending on your browser, you may need to change the filename extension.

In our example, we requested an .ris but were given a .txt file.

Please consult your machine's support for how to allow extension name changes.

Import into the Program

Return to your document. Go to 'File', then 'Import...'

Find and select your .xml, .enw, or .ris file. Click 'Open'.

Attach the Reference Ideas to your Reference List Idea.

Referencing 6b - Import from Zotero

6b on YouTube:
6b on Vimeo:

This will mainly involve the desktop app.

However, we will briefly cover some of the web interface.

Zotero Account and Reference Lists

You will need a Zotero account - create one for free from

Zotero has comprehensive guides to help populate your reference lists.

For this video, we assume you have collected some sources or materials to reference.

For best results: check the Zotero data before importing,

As well as each field in the resulting reference.

Press the Zotero button at the top-right of your Essay Writer window.

This opens the Zotero panel.

After logging in, Essay Writer can access your account or saved data.

You may need to press the red 'Add Account' or green 'Refresh' button first.

Then double-click 'Unknown' to launch your web browser.

Zotero Web Site

The Zotero page will prompt you to log in.

(As with any new link: always check that the address bar matches the URL you expect.)

Press 'Change Permissions' to consider the specific data you want to allow Essay Writer to have.

Safeguard your online data: review the permissions you grant any application.

Your digital security is very important, both now and in the future.

The last link, 'Manage all access keys', is where you can review all keys you have released so far.

Press 'Accept Defaults' when you are satisfied with your choices.

Zotero in the Program

When you know which reference to use, select it.

Then drag or paste it anywhere on the Text or Map.

(Connect to the Reference Idea after placing it on the Map.)

(Or select it, press the copy button, and right-click to 'Paste Here.')

To show your updated Zotero data, press the 'Refresh' button.

To add multiple Zotero accounts, use the red plus sign to log in to each one.

Remove a Zotero account by selecting it and pressing the green minus sign.

Thank you for your time.

We hope this helps you reference and write more easily.

Let us know how you find referencing.

We're always happy to learn about your success.

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